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About us

The Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine (CEMP) is Pfizer’s first research center in Latin America created with the aim of encouraging research and development (R&D) in the areas of biotechnology and biomedicine, two areas in which Pfizer is a world leader.

The The CEMP was set up within the framework of a program launched by CORFO, (the Chilean development agency) to attract International Centers of Excellence. The main goal of the program is to position Chile as a research, development, and innovation hub in the region.

At present, the CEMP is working on the validation of novel molecular diagnostic methods in cancer research. Cutting-edge genome sequencing technology is used to identify the molecular characteristics in tumor cells obtained from biopsies, as well as free nucleic acids in blood plasma, seeking more sensitive and less invasive diagnostic procedures in a field is known as Precision Medicine.

Under this approach, health professionals can adapt the prevention and treatment strategies of a pathology to each person’s unique characteristics through personalized medicine.

Our Pillars


We seek creative solutions to solve complex health issues.

Precision Medicine

We integrate clinical and molecular information to understand the biological basis of a disease.


We work to the highest standards in developing each of the research processes.


We build capacity and set up joint projects with other institutions and research centers.

Our Mission and Vision


To create world-class science to generate new knowledge, accelerating the access to precision medicine for the benefit of cancer patients in Latin America and the world.


To be recognized as a leading reference center in Latin America for its scientific contribution to advance precision medicine and developing personalized medicine.

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